Notes on Contributors

Daniel Egan is Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. His principal areas of work are political sociology and social theory. He is currently writing a book on Gramsci's concepts of war of maneuver and war of position, which is part of a larger project examining the significance of war and military doctrine in Marxist social theory.

Ran Greenstein is an associate professor of Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He wrote Genealogies of Conflict: Class, Identity and State in Palestine/Israel and South Africa to 1948 (1995), and edited Comparative Perspectives on South Africa (1998) and The Role of Political Violence in South Africa's Democratization (2003). His most recent book is Zionism and Its Discontents: A Century of Radical Dissent in Israel/Palestine (2014).

Rebecca Hollender is a doctoral student in Public and Urban Policy at New School University in New York. She lived for six years in Bolivia, where she facilitated the Working Group on Climate Change and Justice, a social collective comprised of 50 Bolivian NGOs. She was a member of the Bolivian Delegation at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 17th Conference of the Parties (COP 17), Durban, South Africa (2011) and the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), Rio, Brazil (2012). She is the author of numerous publications on climate change, environmental politics, lithium, and neo-extractivism in Bolivia.

Ben Manski is a graduate student in sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has a law degree (2005) and a B.A. in sociology (1999) from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is president of the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution and has been a participant in various types of social movement work since the 1980s. |

Gerald Meyer is a member of the Advisory Board of S&D.

Suren Moodliar founded and helps coordinate encuentro 5 – a “movement-building space” in Boston since 2006. He is also a coordinator of Massachusetts Global Action and several of its projects, including the Color of Water and the Du Bois Forum. Previously he was a coordinator of the North American Alliance for Fair Employment, and he was program coordinator of the Boston Social Forum. He has a background in labor and immigrant organizing.

Richard Schmitt was born in Germany. He and his Jewish mother emigrated to Holland where they lived through World War II under the German occupation. After coming to the US in 1946, he received his education at the University of Chicago and Yale University. He spent many years teaching Existentialism and, later, Marxism at Brown University. He now teaches Introductory Philosophy at Worcester State University.

Shin Eun-jung (1972-2012) was born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea, where she worked for nine years as a television news writer and directed the Gwangju Human Rights Film Festival. For her critical documentary film, Verita$: Everybody Loves Harvard, she was awarded Best Director of a Documentary at the 2011 New York International Film Festival. Her expanded study, Verita$: Harvard’s Hidden History, was published in Korea before her death; its English edition is forthcoming from PM Press. A prize for documentary films has been established in her memory.

George Snedeker is the Book Review Editor of S&D.

Ingar Solty is a member of the SSHRC research project "The Question of Europe in an Era of Economic and Political Crises" at York University in Toronto. He is also an editor at the German journal Das Argument and a Fellow of the Berlin Institute for Critical Theory, which edits the Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism. His latest books are Die USA unter Obama: Charismatische Herrschaft, soziale Bewegungen und imperiale Politik in der globalen Krise (2013) and Neoliberalism, Petrol States and the New Imperialism (forthcoming).

Victor Wallis is the Managing Editor of S&D.