Wende Marshall & Matt Meyer on Insurrectionary Uprisings, April 9, 2022

Wende & Matt discuss their new book, “Insurrectionary Uprisings: A Reader in Revolutionary Nonviolence and Decolonization” (DarajaPress.com)

“I’ve often said that actions that grow out of love have the most power.. . . This powerful book brings together both classic and new works which will help empower future generations in building for peace and decolonization.

Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rican former political prisoner, named “the Mandela of the Americas”

“This book should awaken everyone to the call for action in the struggle to birth a just new world. We either we act now in solidarity or we descend deeper into the pit of barbarism.. . . . It is a great feat, an outstanding gift of a library of living texts!”

Nnimmo Bassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Right Livelihood Award Laureate.

Insurrectionary Uprisings is a compendium of essays that explore what it will take to win a world based on love and justice. From historical writing, including Thoreau, Gandhi and Arendt to essays that address the multiple crises we face in the 21st century, the volume brings together authors and thinkers from around the globe. With an emphasis on the quotidian violence of racial monopoly capitalism and Western imperialism, Insurrectionary Uprisings insists that the possibility of revolutionary nonviolence rests, in part, on decolonization and decoloniality and a thorough analysis of the deep and violent roots of racial capitalism, settler colonialism and heteropatriarchy.

Hosted by Yusuf Nuruddin and Suren Moodliar