Chile, Social Movements & the Future of the Left, Saturday, March 26, 2022

Entering the 2000s, Chile’s rulers presented their country as the success story of neoliberalism with even so-called “socialist” leaders assuming management of the capitalist state. By the 2010s, however, waves of student and other popular movements gave the lie to this image. Mobilizing from below, students, pensioners, youth, diverse women’s and indigenous movements reawakened the dream of a Chile beyond neoliberalism, and even occasionally recalled the repressed socialist project of the 1960s and 1970s. In the process left political parties and even the constitutional architecture of the country are being transformed. How do these movements emerge, sustain themselves, relate to each other, engage parties, and imagine the future? We address these questions with 4 activist intellectuals deeply embedded in Chile’s movements and their country’s diasporas.