Black Revolutionary Thought for Our Times? March 25, 2021

Throughout modern history, struggles against Black oppression have generated some of our most powerful and persuasive radical voices, often resonating across lines of race and nation. How do black revolutionary thinkers of the past–from black Marxists like Richard Wright to Black Panther participants like Fred Hampton and Assata Shakur–to contemporary voices like Mumia Abu Jamal, help us to grasp our present and shape our collective future? How do recent accounts of the ‘Black radical tradition’ illuminate our current situation and paths for transforming it? What in this tradition can still be applied today and what needs updating? In what ways do black revolutionary voices from the past still challenge or inform modes of theory and practice in 2021? What are the implications of this influence? How do contemporary film representations (such as the new Fred Hampton film Judas & the Black Messiah and influential books like Cedric Robinson’s Black Marxism create new openings (or obstacles) for mass radical engagement?

Join Shelter & Solidarity on Thursday, March 25 (7:00 – 8:30pm EST) for a panel and community discussion, featuring guests:

Socialism and Democracy‘s Editor-at-Large, Victor Wallis will join as this week’s guest host.